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How do we know what level to sign up for?
This page was last updated on: April 3, 2022
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There are many organizations out there using all sorts of rating systems to describe their leagues.  We are a recreational adult league.  We are not part of the USA Volleyball system.  However our upper groups are quite competitive compared to other leagues in the area.

Here are some comparisons that may help:

Summer Outdoor Co-ed Grass League:

Starting in Summer 2019 we simplified the number of levels and no longer have an INFORMAL DIVISION and a separate FORMAL DIVISION.  The same four levels are now offered on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. A particular level on one day vs the same level on another day are considered equivalent.

Levels 1 and 2 will have their tournament on the Saturday that is 9 days before Labor Day (i.e. August 27, 2022) and Levels 3 and 4 will have their tournament on the Sunday that is 8 days before Labor Day (i.e.  August 28, 2022 based upon Labor day being September 5, 2022.  

Level 1: 
A/BB (Groups T-1, W-1 and R-1)  and formerly referred to in 2018 or earlier as Formal A/BB or Informal Serious in the summer A/E Outdoor League. Recommended for competitive upper teams that play as a team all year round.   All teams use 5-1 or 6-2 or something similar.  Each player tends to play a specific position such Setter, Middle, Outside or Opposite. This level has highly skilled players who have excellent all-around abilities to pass, dig, set, hit, block and serve cleanly and effectively within the boundaries of of their particular role on the team.  Play is expected to be in strict conformance to the USA Volleyball rules.  Hits tend to be high velocity and effective blockers and good diggers are essential at this level.  Serves are more challenging and difficult to return. 
(Level 1 is comparable to USAV A or BB w/ many A or AA players who have played in College or club. This level is also equivalent to the A/E Indoor Sunday Indoor  Level 1 Upper League - 4:45 to 6:45 pm.) 

Level 2: 
BB/B (Groups T-2, W-2 and R-2)  Recommended for competitive and nearly upper level teams that play as a team all year round. Like Level 1, many teams use 5-1 or 6-2.  Each player tends to play a specific position such Setter, Middle, Outside or Opposite.  The level of execution is just a notch below that in Level 1.  Front row Blockers and Hitters tend to be slightly less tall than the average in Level 1.   (Level 2 is comparable to Park Dept. Level A League or USAV B w/many BB players.  It is also equivalent to the top half of the Sunday 2:30 to 4:30 PM A/E Indoor League formerly referred to as the Middle Level and formerly referred to in 2018 and earlier Outdoors as Formal B or B- or Informal Intermediate-Group A in the summer outdoor A/E League.)

Level 3: 
B (Group T-3, W-3 and R-3)   Recommended for intermediate level teams that have played as a team in leagues before but not recommended for teams that play consistently year round in multiple leagues - those teams should play Level 2. (Level 3 is comparable to Park Dept. Level B League.  Comparable to the lower half of the Sunday A/E Indoor 2:30 to 4:30 League formerly referred to as Middle Level indoors and formerly referred to in 2018 and earlier outdoors as Informal Intermediate or Formal Group B- in the summer A/E outdoor leagues.)

Level 4:
B-/C (Groups T-4, W-4 and R-4) recommended for teams new to playing in leagues or only play in the summer, or teams that are primarily an office team - formerly referred to in 2018 and earlier as Informal Casual in the summer A/E outdoor league. Recommended for large office/corporate teams and/or all new teams with no or minimal league experience.  Teams that play only one season per year generally should sign up for this level.  On this level fun tends to out weigh competition.  The skill levels are developing and a fair amount of latitude is exercised in regards to the rules on carries and double hits.
(Level 4 is comparable to Park Dept. Level B- or C League)

We do not recommend new teams to over-reach. It often results in poor morale half way through the season and even teams dropping out. This is especially true of teams from large firms where there are a lot of people of varying skill levels on the team roster. Often these teams never know who will show up from week to week and the team members get frustrated. We recommend large office/corporate teams enter LEVEL 4. They will have a lot more fun there and have lot less frustration overall.

Many Groups often filled with returning teams each session. We encourage the top 2 teams in each group to move up to a higher group in the next season. New teams often have to start in a lower group and move up in a future season. Level 2 tends to fill first.

Indoor Co-ed Leagues:

Starting in Fall 2019, we are using the same rating classification indoors as outdoors.

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