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How do we know what level to sign up for?
This page was last updated on: April 6, 2015
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There are many organizations out there using all sorts of rating systems to describe their leagues.  We are a recreational adult league.  We are not part of the USA Volleyball system.  However our upper groups are quite competitive compared to other leagues in the area.

Here are some comparisons that may help:

Summer Outdoor Co-ed Grass League:

INFORMAL DIVISION  (Tuesdays or Thursdays)
Group III (Casual – recommended for large corporate teams and
all new teams with no league experience)
Group II  (Intermediate -  comparable to Park Dept. Level C/B League)
(This is our 2nd lowest level - Not Recommended for teams that play                        year round in multiple leagues.)
Group I   (Serious - almost Formal - comparable to Park Dept. Level A League)

Group B-  (Lower Level - Wednesday - comparable to Park Dept. Level B League)
Group B    (Middle – Wednesday – comparable to Park Dept. Level A or USAV B)
Group B+ (Upper - Wednesday - comparable to USAV BB w/ many A players)

The distinction between the INFORMAL AND FORMAL DIVISIONS has become somewhat blurry over the years mainly because some teams can only play on certain nights of the week requiring them to choice Informal over Formal only because of the schedule conflicts.

Although we do not call any of our groups "A" level, there are numerous A and Open level USA Volleyball players and former and current Collegiate Volleyball players playing in our top groups.  Also what we call a Formal B or B+ or an INFORMAL "Serious" is most often well above a Park Dept. "A" or Upper level.

Indoor Co-ed Leagues:

We use a different rating classification indoors:

Upper:     comparable to USA Volleyball Level BB with many A Level players
Middle 1:  comparable to Park Dept. Level A League or USA Volleyball Level B
Middle 2:  comparable to Park Dept. Level C/B League

Many of Groups often filled by returning teams each session.  We encourage the top 2 teams in each group to move up to a higher group in the next season.  New teams often have to start in a lower group and move up.  Outdoors, the Informal Intermediate groups tend to fill the fastest.

We do not recommend new teams to over reach.  It often results in poor morale half way through the season and even teams dropping out.  This is especially true of teams from large firms where there are a lot of people of varying skill levels on the team roster.  Often these teams never know who will show up from week to week and the team members get frustrated.  We recommend large corporate teams enter our INFORMAL Casual level.  They will have a lot more fun there and have lot less frustration overall.

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