General Info
General Info
A/E Volleyball Association organizes Adult Co-ed Volleyball Leagues in North Seattle.  We currently offer Fall, Winter and Spring Indoor Leagues on Sunday Nights at Ingraham High School.  There are also Week day Indoor leagues in the spring or fall when gyms are available. Our Outdoor Leagues run from May to August on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays at Green Lake, Sandel and Ravenna-Eckstein / Cowen Parks.  A/E Volleyball also started a Junior USA Volleyball club for Girls and Boys called Cascade Volleyball Club of Seattle.  It is a separate Non-Profit Corporation with a separate Website

The Fall Indoor session runs from mid September to mid December.  The Winter session runs from early January to April.  The Spring session runs from April to mid June.  Depending on the number of teams that sign up, there are four levels Upper 1(A/B+) Upper 2 (B+/B) Middle 1(B/B-) and Middle 2 (B-/C).  

All Division matches are on Sunday nights at  Ingraham High School (1819 N. 135th St. near intersection with Meridian)  Upper 1 plays 4:45 to 6:45 PM.  Upper 2 plays 4:45 to 6:45 PM.  Middle 1 plays 2:30 to 4:30 PM and Middle 2 plays 2:30 to 4:30 PM.  Your team will play 5 different opponents each Sunday night - one game each to 25 points (rally scoring). No referees. This format emphasizes maximum playing time each week with a variety of opponents - all at a reasonable cost.  Less than $27 per hour per team!!!!  In the Spring and Fall we also offer a Co-Ed  league on Week days when we are able to secure a gym.

Returning teams are allowed to hold their spots by registering and paying by the deadline listed which is approximately one month before the next session starts.  New teams are accepted on a first come basis.  To hold a spot on the waiting list send a $50 deposit any time to A/E Volleyball Association c/o Scott Baumler 2821 2nd Avenue, #1201, Seattle, WA 98121.  Deposits are fully refundable if we are unable to provide a spot in the group requested but are forfeited if a spot is offered and not exercised.

The outdoor Volleyball season starts generally after Memorial Day Weekend.  The exact dates are on the registration form. Returning teams can hold their previous spot by registering by May 1st or date on form. Register your team for the outdoor season using the TEAM OUTDOOR ON-LINE REGISTRATION FORM ON THE HOME PAGE 
(generally opens for registration in mid April)

You may choose Tuesdays, Wednesdays or Thursdays and from 6 different levels.
All teams will have matches that rotate at about 1 month intervals between the following areas:

Evan's Pool area on the east side of Green Lake
Sandel Playground  (NW 90th and 1st NW - in the Greenwood area)
Ravenna-Eckstein Park (21st Ave NE & NE 65th St) and 
               Cowen Park (Brooklyn Ave NE and NE Ravenna Blvd.)

Remember openings are filled when the payment is received.  Enter early!  In the past, all the returning teams that had their forms in on time got their first choice for day and group.  If your team was one of the top 2 teams in a group last year, please move up a group.  Likewise, the bottom two in each group should move down.  Each team will receive this year's schedule one week before the start. For the new teams, games start at 6:45 p.m.  The league is divided into two Divisions, each with three levels.  Both divisions are co-ed.  A team must have a minimum of one woman and a maximum of 4 men.

The "Informal Division" (70 teams last year) is based upon a fairly casual recreational form of volleyball.  Informal teams will be further divided into groups of 12 to 14 teams at roughly three levels:  Casual, Intermediate, and Serious.  Casual and Intermediate groups are designed to let everyone, no matter what the skill level,  join in the fun. In these two groups some carries and throws are tolerated.  The Serious level is only recommended for established teams with players that all have nearly  Formal level skills.   All Informal Division games shall be on Tuesdays or Thursdays.  All three levels are offered on both days. 

There is also a separate "Formal Division" (25 teams last year) for those that want to try a higher level of play, using Co-ed USA Volleyball rules.   New formal teams will be taken on a first received basis with preference given to A/E office teams.  The formal division games will be on Wednesdays.  There will be three skill levels in the Formal Division:   A/BB, BB/B and B-.  If there is interest, there will be Reverse Coed 4's ( 2 women / 2 men, women's net height of 7'-4" and men must hit behind the 10 foot line).

The Formal and Informal Division Tournaments will be held on separate days, always on the weekend in August that is before and not on the Labor Day Weekend.  The Formal Division Tournament (Wednesday Teams) is on Saturday and the Informal Division Tournament (for Tues/Thurs teams) is on Sunday. Both are generally held at the Wilson Play field at Wallingforod at N 92nd St.  All teams are eligible and encouraged to come to the tournaments.  The tournament fee is included in the league fee for both the Informal and Formal Divisions. More information on the tourneys will be sent to team captains in the second self-addressed envelope around August 1st..

Please register on line and mail entry fees (made payable to A/E Volleyball Association) to the following address:

A/E Volleyball Association
c/o Scott Baumler
2821 2nd Ave., #1201
Seattle, WA  98121

If there are any questions, the best way to reach us is by email or by calling 206-782-8030 after 6:30 p.m., but you can leave a message anytime on the answering machine.  Please leave an e-mail address or fax number if you are unable to down load the forms from this site.


Individuals looking for a team to join may leave a message in the guest book and send us an email indicating the level of play, nights you are interested in and your gender.  When captains contact us looking for players we forward their emails to the appropriate email group.  Sign in Guest Book on our home page by Clicking here.

and/or sign-up to play in the OPEN GYM REGISTRATION FORM ON THE HOME PAGE 
and/or for a spot on a team made up from individuals using INDIVIDUAL TEAM FORM
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