Adult Co-Ed League Team Registration
Summer Outdoor 2018
This page was last updated on: April 19, 2018
League starts May 29th, 30th or 31st depending on which night is selected.  
Ends with an all day tournament on 
Saturday Aug 25th (Wed. teams) or Sunday Aug 26th (Tue. & Thu. teams)  

The team fee for Summer 2018 is $470    
Registration will be complete and a place secured only when we receive payment See payment instructions below registration form. 
Use General Info button to the left for more detailed information & rules.

List of teams signed up & paid so far is on our homepage. 
(Below Summer Registration link).

How do we know what level to sign up for?  Click Here for Help

We recommend that top 2 teams in each group from last year move up a group and the bottom two teams move down. 
Teams that play competitively year round should sign up for the Wednesday Formal Division or the Serious Level of the Informal Division

email me
Team Name (returning teams - 
select name from drop down list):
Please use INDIVIDUALS TEAM FORM if you are and Individual signing up for a team to be created of interested individuals which may be created in any of the groups that have an opening.

All players including subs must fill out on line waiver form.  This waiver form only has to be done once in a calendar year and will be good for all the 2016 sessions including both the Outdoor & Indoor 2016 seasons.

Player Waiver Registration Form 2018
Refund Policy:
All refunds are subject to a $25 handling fee.  
No refunds within 2 weeks of the start of the session unless the section you are in is full and there is a team on the wait list that will take your place.

New teams shall send in a check for the full amount at this time.  It will not be deposited until a spot is confirmed available (after May 4th) and you have been contacted to verify you still want the spot.
MAKE SURE TO HIT SUBMIT (But please only click it once).

or if paying by PayPal, include this info in "Instructions to Seller" or send us a follow-up email with that information.

Register your team today.
Leagues fill quickly!
Pay $470 online with credit card or eCheck
The team fee for Summer 2018 is $470   
Registration will be complete and a place secured only when we receive payment for the full amount.
Returning teams can guarantee their spot by registering & paying by Midnight May 1, 2018

Mail or Hand Deliver Checks to:    
              A/E Volleyball Association     
                c/o Scott Baumler     
                             2821Second Ave., #1201                            
Seattle, WA  98121

Hand delivered to this address should be in an envelope addressed to A/E Volleyball c/o Scott Baumler 
Hand to the person on duty in the lobby.  
Payments can also be dropped off at 500 Union Suite 740 in downtown Seattle from 8:30 AM to 5:30 PM M-F.                 
If you have a PayPal account, you can use it to directly transfer funds. 
No PayPal account? You do not need to open one to pay by credit or debit card. Just click on "Check Out" and then fill out form under "Don't Have a PayPal Account
Summer 2018 Outdoor League Team Fee $470


Team Captain First Name:
Team Captain Last Name:
Cell Phone:
Firm Name or Affiliation if any:
Team Name for new teams (or new name for returning teams above):
Work Phone:
Home Phone:
email address:
Re-enter email address:
Alternate Team  Contact Person  First Name:
Alternate Team Contact Person  Last Name:
Alt. Contact Cell Phone:
Note that an Alternate Team Contact Person is required as a back-up 
in case we can not contact the Captain for some reason.
Include area code
If cell # is not avail.
Provide work & home #  
Alt. Contact Work Phone:
Include area code
If cell # is not avail.
Provide work & home #  
Desired Level:
Does your team team have an outdoor net system?
(Poles, Net and Lines suitable for 8 foot high set-up. 
On half your games, your team will have net duties.
(If you do not have one you will have to borrow one. 

How do you rate your outdoor net system?
Alt. Contact Home Phone:
Alt. Contact email address:
Re-enter Alt. Contact email address:
Teams find it more convenient to own their own net, but the league has several nets that can be reserved and then checked out for one day.  (limited # can be checked out for season with a $150 deposit)
Can't Remember what group you were in last year?Click on link here to see results last year